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Cheryl Hammerson


BHS Accredited Professional Coach

Tel : 07879 424330


Maxine Mamas - August 2012

I have known Cheryl for a number of years now, and she has been my instructor for the last three. She helped me find my lovely British Warmblood Oliver, 17.1hh, now 8 years old. He was quite new to dressage when I bought him about 9 months ago, having spent his early years as a “happy hacker”.

With Cheryl’s help both schooling him and giving me lessons he has progressed enormously, becoming a far more responsive, collected and balanced ride. He has had scores between 67 – 71% with Cheryl competing him at Novice level and is now doing some lovely work at home at Elementary.

Her way of teaching Oliver has been great. She keeps things very straightforward and simple for the horse to understand, encouraging any effort they make and seems to always manage to help the horse achieve what she is asking.

Linzi Cunningham - August 2012

Cheryl had been teaching me for 2 years now.  When I went to her for help my horse and I were still at Prelim, and I couldn’t imagine how we were going to start competing at Novice level at affiliated shows as the jump seemed enormous to me.

Firstly, and most importantly, Cheryl has increased my confidence beyond recognition.  My horse was always spooky and I was always waiting for the next spook or spin.  Cheryl taught me how to get the horse more on my aids, and listening to me rather than looking for the next thing to scare herself with.

I am so confident now I will happily travel to shows alone, knowing that I can deal with any problems that present themselves.  On top of building my confidence, Cheryl taught both me, and my green horse, the basics of lateral work, showing me how these exercises improve suppleness and communication. I now compete at affiliated elementary and I am hoping to try my first medium later on this year.  

When we went to Cheryl my horse knew nothing about lateral work, and I hadn’t ever ridden any of these movements either.  She has bought us both along together, and I never would be competing at this level without her.

Debbie Vaughan January 2013

Cheryl helped me to find Blake III (7 year old Holsteiner) which I purchased in June 2012 and I am extremely pleased with him.  

Cheryl is an exceptional passionate trainer.  Her ability to assess the horse and rider is incredible and her attention to detail is amazing.  She is a true professional.  Cheryl has helped me regain my confidence after a serious riding accident last year.  At first I was extremely nervous and worried about every little thing but with Cheryl's expertise my confidence is growing daily.  

Every training session is varied, fun and most importantly. Understandable.  She helps from all view points, on the ground and riding your horse to get a real feel. She always manages to find a way for us to achieve something positive in every session and I always finish my training session feeling I have learnt something new.  Cheryl has a unique ability in being able to get the best out of your horse no matter what the breed or temperament and no matter what level of rider you are.  


She is always a quiet, calm rider and recognises the importance of going back to basics and not rushing, keeping it simple for horse and rider to understand.  Her teaching skills are excellent and she never makes you feel like a complete beginner even though I am. The more I train with Cheryl, the more I learn and the more I want to learn.