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Cheryl Hammerson


BHS Accredited Professional Coach

Tel : 07879 424330


Cheryl Hammerson is a freelance dressage trainer available for lessons and training for horse and rider at all levels.

Cheryl has over 25 years experience with horses, and has specialised in dressage for the last 15 years  

Cheryl has a very straightforward training system, which allows development of the horse in a way which minimises stress and encourages development of the relationship between horse and rider.

Based on the principle of pressure and release, Cheryl's approach will work on any horse at any stage as long as the horse is physically fit to start work.  

Progress is made according to the horse's ability to change and the rider's skill level, with the focus on a permanent improvement for the future rather than a quick fix.

Her system is horse friendly, easy to understand, and accessible to everyone, with all shapes sizes and breeds of horse. Cheryl can help you be the rider your horse would choose!

Cheryl welcomes enquiries whatever your standard and whatever your aspirations. If you are keen and prepared to learn then contact Cheryl for an initial discussion about yourself and your horse.

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